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Salvaged Wood

We have salvaged Gum and Greenheart wood sourced from the recently dismantled quay at Falmouth Docks.

It is stored and processed, de nailed, de bolted and milled at Holifield Farm Project to order.

Properties of Greenheart and Gum

Scientific name: Ocotea Rodiaes (Family: Lauraceae)

Greenheart and Gum is used in marine construction as it is high durability and has excellent resistance to attack by marine borers. It is also used in flooring, lintels, handrails, exterior and interior joinery, fishing rods.

This is exceptionally strong wood which is very hard, heavy, tough and elastic.

Weight: Approx. 64 pounds per cubic foot when air dry

Specific Gravity: Approx. 1.04 based on air-dry volume and weight

Bending Strength: 181 N/mm2 (26200 lbf/in2)

Modulus of Elasticity: 2100 N/mm2 (304000 lbf/in2)

The Greenheart and the Gum wood is almost immune to decay, fungus and termites, and has a high resistance to fire. It has very good weathering characteristics and excellent wearability under heavy use. The wood is straight grained, fire textured, uniform, lustrous and cold to the touch. The wood is free of knots and other defects.

The wood is easily sawn, in spite of slight blunting effect and turns well. Plaining is not difficult despite the high density of the wood. Gluing gives fairly good results. Preparing is recommended for good nail and screw holding. Finishes to a fine smooth lustrous surface and will also take a high finish with wax, oil, or french polish without the need of filler.

Please contact us here for more details and ordering.

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