Volunteer / Contribute

Holifair is a fundraising festival for our day centre for adults with special needs and learning difficulties. The funds this year will go towards a new classroom to improve facilities and provide more workshops and opportunities for our Trainees(clients) and the wider community.

We are looking for hard-working, motivated individuals to work 8 hours in exchange for a weekend ticket and early festival access. We are looking for the following:

  • Take Down Crew for Monday 15th August. If you’d like to help with Take Down please meet Sharon at the First Aid tent in the main arena at 9.30am on Monday, and you will get £65 at the end of the day
    (working until 5pm). Tea and coffee 
    will be available – bring your own food!
    Take down is very important to getting the farm back in shape for our day centre and animals.  Please only take this on if you are absolutely committed to helping to clean up our beautiful Holifield Farm.
  • Stewards & Earlybird Toilet Crew – please email Pink Jeni on swstewards@outlook.com if you wish to be a Holifair steward this year.
  • Set up & decor team: Grafters who can help put up marquees, Heras fencing and decor in the couple of weeks leading up to the festival. (1 x 8 hour day) Please click on this link and submit your form. (decor team now full, but set up crew still needed)
  • Recycling Team: Please email your name and phone number to holifair@yahoo.co.uk with the subject line ‘RECYCLING CREW’. You must be dedicated and committed to working a little over the weekend (2 hours saturday, 2 hours sunday) and MUST be able to work for 4 hours on Monday the 15th no matter what the weather (8 hours in total)…you are crucial to getting our farm back in shape for our animals and day centre. Thank you.  You will need to buy your tickets in advance and will get a refund on Monday.