Day Care Centre

Holifield Farm Project is a day care facility for adults and young people with learning difficulties and additional needs. We are committed to providing a quality needs-led service, giving you an opportunity to develop your living, working and social skills. You are offered an individual and varied programme of activities.  Holifield Farm Project comprises of a 32 acre smallholding with 20 acres of pasture and 10 acres of woodland.

In March 2013 we had a Quality Assurance Evaluation, from the Adult Health and Wellbeing Department at Cornwall Council. The general feedback was:

Holifield Farm Project manage the support to service users in a meaningful and respectful way, that shows clear choice and control for Service Users, and enables them to develop skills for independence.
The service is friendly and welcoming, and there is no evidence of any barriers between staff and service users.  The whole service operates in an ethos of openness and inclusion with the wider community and visitors.

Vacancies are currently available on Mondays to Fridays (9am-4pm) subject to the specific needs of the individual. We are Social Services Accredited.
Day care prices:
£40 per day (including transport)
£35 per day (excluding transport)
£20 for half a day (3 ½ hours)

Please contact us to book your FREE Taster Day, or for any further information.

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