Events & Celebrations

We have lots of fun here and celebrate events throughout the year.

For Christmas 2012, we had lunch and a show from The Trifle Gathering at Miss Peapods in Penryn. In 2010, we caught the ferry from Falmouth to Flushing for a Christmas meal and in 2009 we had a christmas meal at the farm and a disco afterwards. See our video of Christmas 2012.

At Halloween we have a party where we dress up and carve out pumpkins.

We celebrate Chinese New Year by mask making, lantern and dragon making, cooking a Chinese meal and eating with chop sticks.

Trainees’ and staff birthdays are often celebrated with a cake.

We do a trip to Helston Flora Day every May to watch the midday dance and have a picnic.

We also have bigger events like Holifair and Holifield Camping Weekend (formerly known as Holi-Day).  Please have a look at these sections.