Holifield Farm Project has plenty of compost loos in the camping and events fields, which our team works hard to keep clean and well stocked with toilet paper.  There is a disabled loo and a sink for hand washing.

We have a sink for washing dishes, and rubbish and recycling bins are available to both campers and day visitors.

Near the entrance of the farm we have flushable toilets and a warm shower which takes 20 pence coins (20p = 2 minutes).

If you are interested in having a tent already set up for you when you arrive, have a look at:

Rent a Tent
“We offer tents and other camping equipment hire for your holiday in Cornwall.  Choose from: a pack of equipment for sleeping, including sleeping bags, mats and lanterns; a pack of things for mealtimes, including a stove, chairs, utensils and a table.  No need to invest in expensive tents and camping equipment or find somewhere to store them year after year. 

Just arrive at your preferred campsite to find everything pitched and ready to go.  We’ll even put it all away again at the end of your stay.  No more fighting with soggy tents or trying desperately to stop it all blowing away!   Forget the need for a trailer or a roofbox, with our pitched tents you can even travel to Cornwall by train, plane, boat or motorcycle, just carrying your holiday essentials.” read more


PitchnGo for a more luxurious ‘glamping’ experience
“Looking to holiday in West Cornwall stress and hassle free? Don’t want the car full of camping equipment? Look no further.

We are a family run business based central in West Cornwall. We specialise in Bell Tent accommodation. Whatever the size of your party, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family holiday, we provide bell tents to suit your requirements.” read more


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Some benefits of compost loos:

  • the solid waste is dealt with on site, and doesn’t have to be treated with chemicals in sewage farms, or end up in waterways
  • saves water – you don’t have to use one resource (pure drinking water) to flush away another (fertilizer)
  • organic matter is allowed to go back to the soil where it belongs, improving soil structure and nutrition
  •  chemical cleaners or bleaches are used in the toilet
  • they don’t contribute to the sewage sludge that is often dumped in landfill, or more controversially, put on to agricultural land
  • very low resource use – no pipes are needed to transport waste to a sewage farm, and no truck needed to remove solid waste

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