Is there disabled parking nearby?
The parking area is right next to the main marquee.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?
Yes it is, we have an accessible toilet on the events field too and two others by the day centre.

Can I camp over?
Yes, please do, that is the idea of this event, although it is obviously not compulsory or convenient for some. Camping is included in the price for 3 days (£25), or if you just want to camp for one night it is £10 per tent (plus the daytime entrance fee).

Can I bring my Caravan/Campervan?
Yes, it is the same price as camping, but there is no electric hook-up

Do I pay for parking?
No, the parking cost is included in the entrance fee. Please try to car share if you can – this keeps the carbon footprint of the event down.

Do support workers have to pay entrance?
No, carers can enter this event for free!

What age group is welcome?
There are activities for all ages and abilities.

Is Holifield Camping Weekend only for people with additional needs, their carers & families?
No, everyone is welcome!

Are there showers?
Yes there is one accessible shower/wet room near the day centre. 20p gives you 2 minutes splashtime!

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