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Dedicating a tree is the perfect gift to mark any occasion.

We are in the process of helping our 10 acres of scrubland to turn into a deciduous woodland. The scrubland is popular both with the trainees at the day care centre who enjoy learning about woodland management and conservation and with walkers and dogs in and around the village.

So far we have planted a small area of hazel coppice between the pond and the farm buildings and have coppiced an area on the slopes overlooking the pond which will improve the regeneration quicker than if we left it unmanaged.

The winter of 2014-15 we are hoping to have raised enough money to plant most of the bracken, gorse and bramble areas with trees so the whole of our scrubland is wooded. We’ll then manage it traditionally, coppicing an area each year to provide the farm with firewood and improve the habitat for wildlife.

To help us raise the money needed to buy the 3500 trees, we are offering tree dedications for £3 per tree. You can choose from any of the four species we are planting: Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel and Rowan and you (or the person you are gifting it to) will receive a certificate and a yearly update on the restoration and management of the wood.

We will also be looking for volunteers to help with the planting and maintenance of the new trees in the winter. We have another day set aside for clearing the scrubland in preparation for tree planting -Saturday 31st of January 2015. Join our event fb page here

If you would like to help please get in touch, or turn up on the day
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