Our Journey

The farm is a 32 acre organic small holding which includes 20 acres of arable land and 10 acres of woodland and scrubland. It is in a beautiful location near the Helford River and Helston in Cornwall.

We have invested in green energy and are currently 75% self sufficient in terms of energy consumption. We have 12 kilowatts of renewable energy through our solar panels. Two of our buildings have thermal hot water systems.

We have a bore hole where we source our water, and currently grow vegetables and salads in our three polytunnels. We also currently keep cows, chickens and pigs and bees.

We have an going woodland management plan and have already planted thousands of trees and created 3 orchards.  You can even dedicate a tree here!

We also recognise the importance of bringing up children to respect their environment. We have a sister project Zelda School on the land. This is a nursery school for 2 – 8 year old children, and whose unique philosophy encouraged children to benefit from an education where play and learning in a natural environment with access to the outdoors, where prioritised. The school is a place where parents and members of the wider community can take an active role in the education of their children, and where people are not measured against each other, but against their own potential.

We have gained permission for five low impact dwellings on the land which are designed and built by people who work on the project and are qualified and skilled in their area. We are a committed group of people, who enjoy working together and are committed to living a more ethical, sustainable and low impact lifestyle.

Our objective is to make the whole of the Holifield Farm Project as self sufficient as possible.