ROOTS – One Planet Thinkers Collective


Holifield Farm Project started in 1992 as an community project with goals and aspirations to be an education centre that promotes sustainable low impact living.

Since then we have grown and expanded in many ways, all the while sticking to our goals and principles of being holistic and inclusive. Along the trail there have been many questions and challenges we have encountered whilst figuring out how we can live more sustainably, exploring what that means, and why it’s important.

ROOTS One Planet Thinkers is the next step on this winding journey.

The aim of ROOTS is to shine a big bright light on possible ways we can all get back to nature and connect with our environment.

Look at Our Journey to see how far we have come already.

On our Blog you can find examples of the growing number of amazing ideas, projects and communities that are choosing to live more ethical, sustainable and low impact lifestyles.

Hopefully they will show how anyone can make real positive changes in their local area.

Whether you want to know how you can make small adjustments here and there, or get inspired by people who have transformed their lives completely. Perhaps you want to build your very own eco-house!

Whatever you want to do, its all good and helps to lessen the impact on our environment.

Contact us. We need your support!

We are here for everyone, highlighting and signposting inspirational and encouraging ideas.

We are a free resource for you to use, so please do use it, and help spread the word.

If you have a project that you think we should know about then please do get in touch with us!

The more people that support or know about ways of sustainable living, the more momentum is gathered to the cause.

We hope this will help show what a worthy and vital cause this is.

We only have one planet.